A turn-key solution for your car parking management

Fiscalization Application

Mobile Payment

Co-branded User app

BackOffice Management

Reporting Module

Complete suite for on/off street parking companies. Manage all your business from a single point access,
including a co-branded user app for Ios and Android with mobile payments included.



Allow the users to pay with their mobile phone using Seqr Mobile Wallet. The user just need to add his bank account and it’s ready in 5 minutes to make the first payment. Receive a warning sms 5 minutes before the parking time ends.

BackOffice Management

Modules Included: Fiscals, Penalties, Infringments, Accounts, Payments

Fiscalization Mobile Application

Work on any Android device, search fro car plates, infrigments registration, notifications printing, incidents registration, equipment management.

ON/OFF Street Parking

Works for both on-street and off-street parkings.Integrated to some of the top off-street parking suppliers.

User Mobile Application

Vehicles remote parking payment, Maps / Geolocalization, Mobile Payments, Warnings. Co-branding Option have your own branded app free Landing Page.

Dahboard Module

Flexible and dynamic reporting module real time dashboards, occupancy analysis fiscals daily activity, financial reports.


Plans that suit your business

2 Users

1 Backoffice User

1 Fiscal User

Free Updates

Mobile Transactions

10 Users

2 Backoffice Users

8 Fiscal Users

Free Updates

Mobile Transactions

20 Users

4 Backoffice Users

16 Fiscal Users

Free Updates

Mobile Transactions

Full / Co-branded
Unlimited Users

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